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Act of Cohesion

Act Of Cohesion (AOC) is a band with focus on creating a cohesive mix of music that has both the crushing, heavy and hard-hitting elements of thrash metal as well as the melodic aspects of various other genres.
AOC's debut EP (Submission & Fairytales) was released in 2013, to very positive reviews (see links below). This release helped the band secure several concerts during 2013. Amongst others we participated in Band Battle at Skråen/Nordkraft (Aalborg, Denmark), where we won a 3rd place in the final among several genres. A first in over 10 years for a metal band! We also participated in the "Fatter Eskil" competition where we reached the semifinals, and was booked to play at the Aalborg Metal Festival together with bands like At the Gates, Soilwork, Sybreed, Crocell etc. In addition to this, we were a part of the Plekter Tour in spring, and AuditionDays in the late summer, both arranged by ORA. The year was ended with a release of a musicvideo for the song "Changing Times", which was recorded at Aalborg Metal Festival. This video was released in connection with our music becoming available on various digital streaming services and stores such as Spotify, iTunes, Wimp and TDC Play.
The band is currently finishing up the recordings of a new EP, which is expected to be released some time during the spring 2014. Once again Christian Bonde will handle the mixing and mastering, while Mircea Gabriel Eftemie will be delivering the artwork. In 2014 we are once again a part of ORA's Plekter Tour, which includes an afterparty following Pretty Maids at Skråen in Aalborg, as well as a concert in Esbjerg. Upcoming concerts will be announced on our facebook-page.

AOC is in it for the long haul, we love what we do, and you can expect a lot more coming from us in the future!
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